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Straight out of the ground with no additives. Great to fill in low spots in yard. We keep it covered during wet weather.

Pulverized Topsoil



Ran through a pulverizer & screened.




 A high quality soil amendment that offers your gardens, landscapes and potted plants consistent volume & looseness while contributing dependable nutrition. 

Carbon side of compost is primarily wood based with small amounts of straw.

Nitrogen side is a combination of food waste, horse manure and potato slurry.

There are small amounts of landscape clippings as well.

Garden Mix

Made up of 50% Pulverized Topsoil and 50% Compost | $32.71/yard


Grass Seed 10.28.16-min

ExecuTurf Grass Seed 5 lbs $14.99/bag

ExecuTurf Grass Seed 25 lbs $47.99/bag

ExecuTurf Grass Seed 50 lbs $84.99/bag

Shady Grass Seed 5 lbs $15.99/bag

Shady Grass Seed 25 lbs $51.99/bag

Shady Grass Seed 50 lbs $94.99/bag

Jaguar Grass Seed 50 lbs $84.99/bag

IMG_1323 (2)

Mole Eliminator Trap $31.99/each

IMG_1316 (2)

Fertilizer 12-12-12 50 lbs $15.89/bag

Fertilizer Urea 46-0-0 50 lbs $20.61/bag

Corn Gluten Meal 50 lbs $26.89/bag

 Weed & Feed 50 lbs $28.95/bag

Crabgrass Preventer Plus 50 lbs $28.99/bag

Weed Barrier Stables 7.3.17 IMG_8465 (2)

Landscape Fabric 3′ X 50′ $12.99/roll

Landscape Fabric 3’ x 300’ $55.14/roll

Landscape Fabric 4’ x 300’ $64.49/roll

Landscape Fabric PRO 4′ x 250 $74.99/roll

Sod Staples 6-inch U-shaped Bundle of 20 $0.93/bundle

Sod Staples 6-inch U-shaped Box of 1000 $34.99/box

Straw Mat Straw Bale 9.13.17 (2)

Straw Bales $6.25/bale

Straw Mats 8 x 112.5 includes 20 sod staples $42.06/mat

Bag of Straw $2.80/bag


KILLZALL 365 gallon $54.99/each

KILLZALL Super gallon $34.99/each

KILLZALL Super 2.5 gallon $56.95/each

WEED FREE ZONE 1 quart $29.99/each